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Cat Says 'Hello' to Announce He's Arrived Back Home Like a Total Boss

TikTok user @arthurthehellocat responded to a question that has been circling on the app recently, "Which TikTok has made you the most views?" This user couldn't pass up the chance to share its viral clip that brought in over 10.5 million views. And we're so glad they did because we can't get enough of this video! 

In the clip, the owner's cat named Arthur walked in from outside through a little kitty door. Arthur had to make his presence know that he was back so he meows, 'Hello.' Yes, he actually said hello! It's as if he was announcing he entered back into his kingdom, lol! The best part of this is what Arthur's parents say back! 

LOL! First off, that meow 150% sounded like a 'hello.' We all heard it! And second, we love how Arthur's parents replied. So cute! His parents said in the comments, "We always greet him, even if he keeps on whining! Haha." Aww, we love that! Arthur probably expects it at this point.

Other TikTok users are laughing at Arthur's entrance into the house and joking about what his 'Hello' really meant. @Puddyt4t214😻 wrote, "'I announce my arrival, now greet me humans.' I love cats, they have wonderfully unique personalities 😻." He really was expecting a whole welcome committee. LOL. "Feels like something out of an old sitcom lol," said @Craig Seitz717. Arthur really is saying, "Honey, I'm home!," like they did in the sitcoms. And the fact that he does it every time he comes in is just amazing. 

"It's like he's come off from a hard day's work 😭," joked @tadpoles.paradise. Ha! He needed to announce his return so the rest of the house can start pampering him. "Did you make him a tea and warm his dinner back up? 😂," asked @Rose and Thistle Wax. That's the least they could do for him after he worked all day long!