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Cat's Reaction to New Kitten After 6 Years As an 'Only Cat' Is Truly Epic

Becoming an older sibling can be the stuff of dreams: you have a built-in playmate, all your old clothes get tossed right down the hallway, and someone's always looking up to you. Or--it could be like this. 

When first met his baby brother,, he wasn't exactly thrilled. Umi--the gorgeous gray domestic shorthair-- had been an only child for 6 years and counting, so sharing the spotlight, let alone sharing toys and snacks, didn't sound like his definition of fun. 

On the bright side, Umi and Yuki's human got the best reaction video for TikTok. Over 1.5 million people have seen--and loved--this grumpy boy's Resting Floof Face (check out his bio, he's known for it), but it's safe to say the spotlight is big enough for two. Welcome to the family, Yuki!

LOL, Umi is not a happy camper, but we are after seeing this! After all, there's nothing a grumpy kitty face can't fix.

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Much to no one's surprise, this video's viewers agree. "Hahahahahaha!!!!! The scowl 💀🤣," wrote @mauser7xx. Right? One look really can say it all. 

We definitely expected to find tons of comments from fellow cat owners who get it, and the comments did not disappoint. "OK lol this looks just like my Smokey," @ohits_rip said. "And we did the same to him because we thought he was lonely and I swear he plots our deaths now lol." Yep, that sounds exactly like a cat.

We absolutely cackled when we read @chewy's take on the situation--they definitely picked up on a hidden detail in the video (not!). "Us, an empath: he’s not happy," they wrote. Hmm, do you think?

Seriously, though, the switch between Umi's happy face and his frowny one is quite dramatic if we do say so ourselves. We totally agree with @zooblezu who said, "😂 almost looks like two different cats the way his face is so angry." Honestly, it kind of does! We are positively living for "DARTH FLOOFY," as @vegnation calls him, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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