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Cat’s Annoyed Reaction to His Owner’s Sneeze Makes Us LOL

The allergy season has been brutal this year, with nonstop stuffy noses and sneezing uncontrollably. But you also don’t mind toughing it out because that means sunny days are ahead. We know the allergies are a good sign so we can tolerate the constant sneezing. Although, not everyone can. 

TikTok user @danilanereubot must’ve really got struck with the allergies since she started compiling a video of her sneezes. The videos don’t show actually show them off, but rather the reaction she gets from her orange cat. In all the clips, her cat is snoozing away when she a-choos. The kitty’s reaction has us totally cracking up!

LMAO! The caption wasn’t wrong in saying that he was yelling at her! He wouldn’t stop making noises back to her, just as if he were really yelling. As TikTok user @Emily put it, “Dude would not let it go 😂.” Ha! He had enough of it. The sneeze was the final straw! 

His yelling technique was unique though, one we haven’t really seen. @Vanessa_Lynn_Art joked, “The ignition is broken lol.” OMG! He did sound like someone trying to start the ignition! “I’ve never seen a cat “kiekekieie” for so long lol,” added @gr8fldead. None of us have! He must’ve been holding in all that yelling for months. 

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One TikTok user said the noise is called chattering and said that he could be doing it because of excitement or frustration. We think it's the latter. LOL. Hopefully, the allergies will subside and the two of them can live in peace again!  

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