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Cat Can’t Hide Her Annoyance Over Mom ‘Getting Her Dressed’ and We’re Here for It

If you've ever tried dressing a kid, you know how difficult it can be. Maybe you've babysat before and needed to get their pajamas on or you've experienced it on your own. Either way, you know that no matter how hard you try, kids always put up a fight. There might be screaming and kicking and even some fists are thrown, but you keep trying. If only it was as simple as dressing a cat or dog. 

Most of the time, animals don’t mind if you put them in a little sweater or if you wrap a bandana around their neck. They’ll do it as long as they get a treat at the end. But for this cat named Mackenzie, she didn't want a treat, she only wanted to go outside with her mom. This cat mom, known on TikTok at @angrafus3, had to put a rain jacket on Mackenzie to keep her dry as they went to the flower shop. And just like a kid getting dressed, Mackenzie was less than thrilled. LOL. The hilarious clip has over 3 million views within the past day. 

OMG. You immediately knew Mackenzie wanted out just from her eyes alone. She’s acting like it’s absolute torture with the meows, too! But she must know something good is coming because she just lets it happen. LOL! “She sounds so mad, but she doesn’t fight it 😂,” commented @CojulieCo. She must really want to go! 

“Mackenzie is the sweetest grouchy cat I’ve ever seen,” said @Anita Prestwood789. So cute and sweet that you can’t really be mad that she’s upset! @Crystal Trotter wrote, “She is the epitome of “Okay, FINE..I’ll do it..but I’m not happy about it!!” 😂.” HA! She knew there was going to be something good to come of this. And her mood instantly changed once she found out where they were going! 

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Oh, so now she’s all fine with the rain jacket?! LOL! We’ll let it slide because she just looks too darn cute wearing it! 

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