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Video of Well-Mannered Cat Politely Asking His Mom to Pick Him Up Is Pretty Impressive

A cat caught on camera is stunning people on TikTok for the sweet way he asked to be picked up. Not only did Ringo politely ask his mom for “uppies,” but some people were impressed by the way he did it. He's one talented cat!

Ringo, a Bengal Munchkin, was caught asking for affection in a video that went viral recently. “I set up a camera to catch Ringo asking for uppies,” his owner, who goes by @ringodanyan online, explained in the video’s text. The video shows Ringo approaching his owner and then calling out for her — in Korean! “Umma!” he seems to say. “No one would believe it if it wasn't on camera! Ringo said, ‘Meowmy meowmy (Umma)’ in Korean and asked me to pick him up!” his owner wrote in the caption. “What do you think?”

What a polite little feline he is! Some people in the comments section were merely stuck on Ringo’s cuteness. “Such an adorable baby,” @tlqsee wrote. “The little legs,” @ny_art_dee gushed. “My cat does the same. He likes to sit on my shoulder, and have me cup his bottom and tail with my palm, so he can look behind me,” @awildcommenterappeared shared.

But there were other people who were fixed on how he begged for his “meowmy.” “He called you Umma, I’m crying,” wrote @rei.ami. “Me realizing meows sound like Umma and now suspecting my cat knows Korean,” @korynaaa joked. “Umma as in Korean? Aww, omg we love a bilingual cat,” @withademon added. 

Ringo just proves that loving your mama (and asking to be carried) is 100 percent universal.