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Video of Cat Rushing to Attack a Statue in the Yard Is Quickly Going Viral

We can't always explain the things our cats do. They can sometimes truly be a mystery. That's probably what one man on TikTok was thinking after he saw his cat attack a statue in the backyard. And when you see the footage, you'll definitely be scratching your head too. 

The clip was shared by TikToker @jacksondancer, who was really laughing hard when he let his cat out the backdoor and into the yard. Take a look and see why. 

The absolute second that the TikToker lets the cat out of the house, he launches himself onto a statue. "Oh my god," the man can be heard saying from behind the camera. 

People in the comments section were laughing just as hard as the cat dad was. "He said on sight," @hallucinaths joked. "'Open the door, I just wanna talk to him' …." @bldtrk teased as if reading the cat's mind. "No time for doubting. Defend territory first, then think," @cat_anonymekidded. "If 'I don’t want peace, I want problems' was a cat," @laurenalice92 added. 

The video has since been watched over 4.3 million times — so clearly the clip has struck a chord. But it's a good reminder that if you have a cat you should probably sleep with one eye open. 

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