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Cat Owner's Epic Automatic Feeder Fail Has People Laughing Out Loud

The internet is made for fail videos. And boy oh boy, is one recent fail video making people laugh. It involves one cat and their automatic feeder. Perhaps their owner miscalculated how to work the new machine, resulting in a hysterical mistake. 

In theory, your automatic cat food feeder should make things easier, right? Well not for TikTok creator @ikesm0m, who didn't realize that they'd set the machine up the wrong way until it was too late. 

"When you get an automatic cat feeder and accidentally set it to dispense to servings...not two," the video's text overlay reads. Whoops! That's definitely not right. The mountain of food in front of the cat speaks for itself — although we're sure he wasn't complaining about it. "Ike was okay with it though," the video's caption states. 

The video has since been watched almost 1 million times and people couldn't stop laughing. "He’s like 'this is the way it should be' and he’s going to be very disappointed when you fix it," @ramsfan1010 joked. "He said 'oh, my entree is already here? I’m still working on the app,'" @kase_o teased. "Cat: maybe if I say nothing, no one will notice," @majestyordebbie kidded. "The cat has the look you better not correct this," @horrormoviefan66 added.

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Sadly for Ike, his owner eventually did figure out how to program the feeder correctly and another video on his page showed Ike's reaction to being fed the right amount of food. Hint: he was not thrilled. 

"When your timer feeder is timed," the video's text overlay states. Whomp, whomp. Sorry Ike. You can't always hit the jackpot.

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