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Cat's Polite Way of Requesting to Use the Automatic Feeder Is the Best

One of the most important lessons parents teach children is how to be polite. Being rude or abrasive is unpleasant and won't get you far in life, so it's important to always be considerate of others. One mom taught her cats this lesson well, as proved in this viral video.

TikTok user @drnavster recently shared a video of her two cats using an automatic cat feeder. In the video, one cat is hogging the bowl, so the other cat makes a polite request to have a turn. Check out the video to see how this interaction happened between the two cats!

Awww, this is so sweet. Both of these cats are so polite to each other, and we love the gentle tap to let the other cat know his turn was over! This video is the best.

People in the comments are amazed at the manners on these cats. @elenap6813 said, "Wow! The most polite cats ever. Both of them," and @jackiegreeley commented, "Such good manners, you’ve raised them well." These cats are more polite than most humans!

Others tried to image their cats behaving this well and couldn't do it. @deathbytahlore commented, "My cats fight like toddlers so that dispenser would have been in pieces from their brawl." Another user, @kenzykat96, said, "My cats were NOT polite, and that's why I have two of these." These users' cats are much more reminiscent to our cats than those in the video!

The manners that these cats have are unmatched. We think they should teach a class on etiquette and politeness to the other kitties in the neighborhood!

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