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Video of Cat Sweetly Bonding With Baby Deer Is Totally Irresistible

There are some animal friendships that make absolutely no sense, but for some reason they totally work. Think your cat and dog being besties. Or in an even more unusual example, a friendship between a deer and a cat. That's exactly what one viral video on TikTok shows and people can't get over how close these two seem to be. 

 Who would've thought that these two would get along like peanut butter and jelly? Probably no one without proof, so thank goodness their owner @taramayfield777 got it all on video. The footage shows Pickles, a deer, and Trixie, a cat, having  snuggle. "He's still here! I think my poor cat will die when he leaves," the video's onscreen caption reads. From the looks of things, Trixie is even cleaning her new BFF. It doesn't seem like Pickle minds it one bit. They're so sweet! 

The video has since been watched over 800,000 times and so many people were cheering on these two buddies. "The cat knows it’s a baby and it’s cleaning it," @oneworldmom wrote in the comments section. "Your cat has a pet deer! So cool!" @darlenaadams praised. "Cats and deer seem to be fascinated by one another," @pinsandbeetles noted. "So sweet. You never know when these odd friendships will begin," @survivalalliances chimed in. 

A second video on @taramayfield777's page again shows the two cleaning each other. It's like commenter @meagannovotny wrote in the comments section: "The deer is going to grow up and act like a cat," she joked. Too true!

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We're so happy that these two found each other. Now that we've seen the footage, it feels strange to even question their friendship. These two were destined to be the best of friends.

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