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Cat Takes Over the Baby's Seat and People Can't Stop Laughing

There's no denying that sometimes there's just a bit of sibling rivalry between your pets and your kids. But one cat on TikTok is taking things to a whole new level. Apparently Binx was curious about his human sibling's baby seat, but it was the lengths he went to to "investigate" the baby seat that has people cracking up. 

The hilarious video was later shared by Binx's owner, who must've recognized internet greatness when they saw it. The footage shows Binx first pawing around in the baby seat — perhaps trying to figure out how the leg holes work. Eventually the cat managed to get himself up and into the seat. And while we don't think anyone is going to confuse Binx for the baby, it was certainly pretty darn funny.

"Wiping the baby germs off his seat," joked in the video's caption. 

The video has since been watched over 136,000 times. "If I fits I sits and it does not matter if is the little humans," @melissawilliams32370 joked in the comment section, as if reading Binx' s mind. "Why do cats love baby stuff so much? This is adorable," @carrieross8 wrote. "Okay but I'm pregnant right now and my cat is deff gonna do this. I can already see it," @parkfareprincess joked. "The audacity of a human leaving their germs on that!" @redheadmexican teased. 

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Later on Binx's page, his owner shared a video of the kitty and his human sister. These two definitely know how to get along in the bath.

"Bath time for Binx and his favorite," the caption reads. "We can't keep him out of the tub with his small humans."

So sweet!

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