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Video of Cat and Tiny Baby Waking Up Together Couldn't Be More Perfect

Cats are known for curling up for a nap wherever they please, and they usually prefer to sleep next to people for warmth and comfort. This makes cats and babies great companions because they will just nap together all day. One cat and baby duo is going viral on TikTok for their adorable napping ritual.

TikTok user @karawidge recently posted a video of her newborn baby and cat, Betty, napping together on her lap. After a few seconds of peaceful snoozing, the two wake up within seconds of each other. The baby makes a few gurgling sounds and raises her arms above her head while the kitty lets out a big yawn. Check out the video to see this adorable moment for yourself!

OMG, there is no shortage of cuteness in this video. On the original creator's page, you can see several more videos of the baby and kitty napping together, including one clip of the cat sleeping against Mom's baby bump before she gave birth. These two were destined to be nap buddies!

People in the comments loved this perfect moment. @annie131285 said, "Oh my. Kitty is adorable, but baby wins this video," and @cathymdeane commented, "The most perfect faces I've ever seen!" These two truly are a stunning duo!

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Others thought the baby and kitty were communicating with each other through the kitty purrs and baby gurgles. @katieleggott1 commented, "Aww the cat answered the baby back," and @ashasankar4 said, "Oh what a wonderful cat! Nice of him chatting back." Aww, those two were probably planning their next nap time together!

We can tell these two will be best friends for a long time. Friends who nap together stay together!

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