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Petsitting Dad Has Sweetest Reaction to Cats That Are Home Alone

We love nothing more than a cat conversion. Meaning we love nothing more than seeing someone who "doesn't like cats" turn into a cat lover. This usually happens when a self-proclaimed non-cat-person either meets the right cat, or they are charged with caring for the cats of a human they love. 

That's what happened to the sweet dad who was in charge of cat-sitting the adorable cats that belong to TikTok user @Nala_Meets_world. Just watch this video and see dad come around. We love it! 

@Tophiasunwashedcupofmtndew posts, "Love how people who don’t like cats become a cat person when they meet the right one." @Max says "My dad hated my cat but now I have videos of him baby talking my 15 year old cat." Awwwww! @Ecq33 comments, "It’s always the dads who get shaken down by the cats! I love it."

Dads are such softies! Well, it looks like us cat people have converted another one. Our evil plot to fill the world with cat lovers is coming along just fine! 

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