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Cat's Brave Back Yard Encounter With a Hawk Is Tough to Watch

We normally think of cats as very independent, strong-willed animals that aren't afraid of anything. That's definitely true, but it doesn't mean they're invincible. In fact, TikTok user @jadamackt shared a tough-to-watch clip that shows how cats can be in dangerous situations. 

This TikToker came home and noticed her cat named Toast was outside, as she normally is. But the thing that surprised her was the bird next to Toast. At first, she thought it was an owl, but as she stepped closer it was a Hawk. YIKES! This is a scary one to watch. 

O.M.G. This is crazy and so, so nerve-wracking. We'd be the exact same way as this owner was if we saw our cat hanging next to a hawk. We were even screaming from just watching so we can't imagine the anxiety she was feeling. 

So what happened that led these two to come in such close contact? @bbbjjjfff said, "Toast got the squirrel. Hawk came down and took the prize. Toast was not backing down so hawk plumed out to look scary but Toast wasn’t fazed." We don't know for certain if that's what happened, but it is true there was a squirrel involved. All we know is we're so thankful Toast is safe! 

"Toast almost became toast!! 😳😳 Glad he's okay 🧡🧡🧡," said @konaandkai67. For real though, this was a very close call. @perigee_gold suggested, "Please get a coyote vest/hawk vest for Toast! It's made for dogs but will work all the same." That's an amazing tip for anyone who lives in an area with hawks. And as it turns out, they make ones for cats now too! 


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