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Cat's Determined Attempt to Access the Christmas Tree Is Going Viral

As people begin putting up their Christmas trees for the holiday season, it's time to remind everyone to keep their eyes peeled. Cats are notorious for wanting to get in the tree. They'll even knock it over if they have the chance. LOL!  

TikTok user @lilyandenzostory is clearly one step ahead all of us with how her family is protecting the Christmas tree from the cat. You'll be so impressed with this idea. Although, the cat is still very determined to access the tree. Check out this clip that has over 14 million views! 

LMAO! The cat was trying so hard to get to the tree and she wasn't going to stop. Talk about a very determined little kitty! "Cat's like, 'Challenge accepted,'" commented @lemmy_k83. Oh boy, we just know it's going to be the cat's mission to get to the beautiful tree. And other TikTokers agree. 

"That look at the end...that tree is coming down one way or another," said @fancybeast. That brings up an excellent question from @Kitsch85, "How long before kitty figures out how to jump over?" HA! Hope they have another plan ready for when she clears the plexiglass!  

@emilystevens48 wrote, "I think this is the only cat-proofing of a tree that I’ve seen work!" Well, so far it works. LOL! Seriously though, this is such a brilliant idea. @crowe_e said, "Excuse me I’m gonna need to know what that is and where you got it." Right?! Cats are known to get into the Christmas tree so this is an amazing idea. The creator responded by saying, "Rocking the plexiglass since the covid plexi popularity. BF very ingenious." Sounds like a keeper!


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