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Video of Cat Calmly Basking in the Sunlight Is Nothing Short of Pure Zen

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. Even when you’re actually staying inside the house. So we totally get what was going on in a TikTok video of a cat trying to find her moment of peace. Say ommmm

Hannah Sullivan (@hsulley17) is a 23-year-old TikTok creator, who shares snippets of her life working in her garden and clips of her "homesteading life." So is it any wonder that her cat Willow is perfectly relaxed? Sullivan just happened to catch the cat as she was gloriously sitting in the sun — and we have to admit we're definitely jealous. "Basking in the morning light and feeling complete calmness," Sullivan wrote in the video's caption. "I love this for her," she joked in the onscreen text. Take a look at the tranquil look on Willow's face. She seems so content!

Over 2 million people have watched Willow find her happiness. "I wish I could achieve this level of calm, good job cat," @idont_even._.know commented. "In my next life, I want to come back as a well-loved house cat," @mamatrader mused. "I want to feel like that for even just a moment each day," @joannewells120 added. "We all need to take lessons from her," @aimeeschommer chimed in. 

This wasn't the only time that Willow was caught feeling the good vibes. Another video just happened to catch sitting in the sun. "My baby willow," her mom gushed in the caption. 

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In the first video, one commenter called Willow a "morning rays worshipper" — which is absolutely precious. But we think another commenter probably said it best: "This is so pure," wrote. It really is.

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