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Cat's Sweet Friendship With Bearded Dragon Is the Definition of True Love

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes, but these two really are something special. Meet Persimmon and Baby Pancake!

Recently, a video featuring this feline-lizard duo has been making rounds on TikTok, and viewers are nothing short of impressed. In the clip from @gracegivertz, a musician and pet mom, Persimmon the gray cat snuggles up to Baby Pancake, a Bearded Dragon--and yes, it's just as precious as it sounds! 

We were riveted by the gorgeous animals before the snuggles even started, so if you're anything like us you'll be watching more than once. Brace yourself for sweetness!

The scene practically oozes love and friendship, so we're really not surprised that it got so popular. In fact, this pair has gone viral for their bond in the past, too! This time, though, Persimmon leans their head on their lil' lizard buddy, and they both look oh-so-happy.

"Animals are the best people," commented TikTok user @brain_bombs. Say that a little louder for the people in the back! Truer words have never been spoken, and we 100% approve of these two leading the campaign. 

For now, though, we have no problem enjoying Persimmon's and Baby Pancake's adventures. They're just so precious together! Like @chickwholifts said, "cat keeps him warm as a cold-blooded reptile. He provides lots of rough bristles for cat to rub face on 🥰." Hopefully, they both remember to say thank you! 

Seriously, though, these "Symbiotic besties🥺," as @jknotrowling calls them, have a really great system going. They're an unusual pairing to be sure, but with so many benefits from one another, why wouldn't they be?