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Cat's Funny Little Moves Are Giving People 'Beyonce' Vibes and We're So Into It

All the single kitties! All the single kitties! 

Beyoncé, anyone? If her 2008 hit isn't already stuck in your head, it will be by the time you're done reading. It's not what you asked for, but it's what you need. Trust us on this one--the Queen Bee's music can make any moment more epic, and this kitty's dance party is no exception.

Hubert the rescue cat is just one half of @mycatispeople--an account dedicated to him and his feline sister's daily antics. His owner recently caught him in the act of performing some seriously...unique moves, and it didn't take long before someone made the ultimate suggestion: add Beyoncé.

LMAO! We had to watch this on repeat for a while before we had enough, and even now--it's not enough. No wonder everyone is obsessed with this happy kitty! @Mrs.suzette's comment was only two words long, but it sums up the entire scene flawlessly: "That's perfect!!"

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What truly put the cherry on top was Hubert's sister, Mabel. She was "the judge up top" who simply watched from afar like the princess she is (thanks, @sarasue00, for noticing!), then joined in at the end for a surprise guest appearance. Miss Mabel has to show her bro how it's done!

Unfortunately, the two will put on their little concert no matter what time it is. When @liftenberger asked, "I love this cat! But what is he like at 2:00 am," we knew we needed to know immediately. Luckily, their human had already answered!

"He’s…a lot 😳 lol," they said. Ha! It definitely sounds funny now, but we bet no one is LOL-ing at 2 AM when they're trying to sleep. Maybe some Beyoncé would lighten that situation, too!

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