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Video of Dedicated Cat’s Intense Bird Watching Session Is Just Too Good

We all have hobbies. Some of us are really into roller skating — or maybe you're more into arts and crafts. So it stands to reason that animals would have their own passions and interests. Just like one cat on TikTok who takes his favorite pastime very seriously: bird watching. 

Walter is a cat with a huge personality. As can usually be seen on his TikTok page @walter.the.catt. But a recent video of him caught doing his favorite activity received a big response online. The video shows Walter perched at the window sill, intently gazing outside. "He takes his bird watching very seriously," his owner can be heard narrating from off-screen. "This isn't just a hobby for him. It's a way of life," she joked. And we can tell! Just look at Walter's tail as he looks outside. He's absolutely captivated. 

People in the comments were impressed by Walter's dedication to his craft. "Walter's legs feel no pain," @jamessy99 teased. "That is some intense bird watching," @deansherman127 added. "He gets all up in there," @parkwayfire6 wrote. "Employee of the month," @eatsleepmeow joked.

Although some people worried that Walter was a little too invested. "My cat would yeet himself outta that window so fast," @teddyknighty commented. "I was scared he was gonna jump out," @morbiusthecactus agreed. "Give our boy a proper step. He's gonna slip!" @truenorthcanuck warned. 

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Later in the thread, Walter's mama assured everyone that he was perfectly safe. "I just thought I'd add that there is a screen in the open window," she wrote. "So he can't leap out and try to fly or anything." She also shared that he was standing above a bed, so there was never a risk of him falling and hurting himself.

Whew! Thank goodness. Walter can keep up his bird watching, which again is his favorite thing.

"Birds are life," his mom joked.

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