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Video of 14-Year-Old Cat's Birthday Celebration Couldn't Be Sweeter

Every year with your pet is so special. But there's definitely something so unique about the birthday party one woman on TikTok made for her senior cat Ginny. The creator @hernameisginny, went all out for her good girl's big day — party hat included. 

Is there anything better than a birthday party? Definitely not. We just wish we'd received an invitation to the birthday bash that the cat mama threw for her sweet kitty. 

"Today we celebrated a queen," the video's caption reads. "Her birthday was yesterday (September 24th) but today we celebrated with cake, presents, and lots of treats—surrounded by the people she loves." 

"Happy 14th birthday to our sweet Ginny," the video's text overlay reads. "Wishing you the best year."

With over 100,000 views, people in the comments section wished Ginny a happy birthday too. "Happy birthday Ginny! one of my favorite kittiesss," @itsmiiiiia exclaimed. "Happy birthday Ginny!! You are soo beautiful and so loved!!!' @michibonyu added. "Happy birthday sweet girl! I'm so glad she found such an amazing family to love her the rest of her days," @paigevictoria22 wrote. 

Hilariously, the TikToker uploaded a follow-up video of Ginny's party — where she looked less than thrilled at all the attention.

Sorry Ginny's mom, cats are going to be cats.

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