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Cat Hijacks Man's Birthday Gift and We Can't Stop Laughing

If you've ever wondered if your cat is jealous when other people get attention, a video on TikTok seems to have the answer. Jasper, or @allthingsjasper, was not thrilled when he realized it was his dad John's birthday. So of course he decided to hunker down in one of his papa's present, causing one seriously funny video online. 

Jasper's owner was clearly cracking up when she noticed that her pet was a little too interested in his dad's gifts. "That is John's birthday gift," she can be heard saying from off-camera, while the kitty climbs into the gift bag. "Are you his gift?" she asked. That only prompts the cat to go deeper into the bag — we're pretty sure he wasn't going to stop until he hit the bottom. 

"No returns!" his owner joked. "The gift that keeps on giving," the caption reads. 

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing. "He’s like now you can’t see me! With popping down into the bag all the way!" @boogieseyb1991 joked. "How is he supposed to know who it’s from if I don’t leave my fur??" @nicoleelizabeth777 teased as if reading Jasper's mind. "Anyone who says they don’t like cats I have to question their character. This is a prime example of how awesome and entertaining cats are," @kmaroni03 explained. "Jasper is reminding you he is the ONLY gift John needs in his life," @crftgrl joked. 

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A second video on Jasper's page shows John's response to getting Jasper for his big day. He was not thrilled. "Don’t let Jon fool you he just doesn’t like the camera," the caption reads. 

Welp, there's always next year John.

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