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Cat's Reaction to Owner Throwing Him a Birthday Party Is Totally Classic

Does anyone truly know what to do while their loved ones are singing "Happy Birthday" to them? No? Neither do we, so we could totally relate to this birthday boy who starred in a TikTok on his mom's account: @puhloma. Meet Touka, a precious black cat who just celebrated his first year of life!

As he waited patiently to dine on his cat-friendly "cake," he had to endure the most awkward 20 seconds of any b-day party. Honestly, it's hard to tell whether he likes it or not...or whether he gives AF at all! Remember, this is a cat, and his species isn't exactly known for affection and appreciation.

What do you think is running through this guy's mind?

The birthday boy, whose name is Touka, was surprisingly chill all things considered! If we were his owner, we'd label this birthday a win. Still, it's a mystery why some cats love the attention while others positively despise it. 

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"Maybe in a past life he didn’t get to celebrate his birthday," @llinasaur hypothesized. Aww! The little guy certainly seemed to understand that the moment was all about him, but we can't help wondering if he knew why everyone was gathered. 

"He’s like all this just for me 😭," commented @elchico6ix. He was! We totally get it, though, having the spotlight on oneself can be a bit shocking. @Rileyklabenesh was probably spot-on when they wrote, "I think he’s probably just a little overwhelmed with everyone looking at him and singing, but it’s still adorable 😍." To be fair, that's how we'd feel, too!

All in all, we're on the same page as @cataddict18. "Anyone who throws their pets a birthday party are my peeps!!! 🥰." Ours, too! We only hope to get an invitation (or at least some more footage) from Touka's second birthday party.

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