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Video of Cat 'Trying to Block Field Goal' on TV Is Priceless

Everyone has a bit of athletic instinct, even if you don't think that you do. If you think you aren't athletic, you simply haven't been put in the right circumstances that would allow that athleticism to shine through! One cat recently had the perfect opportunity to show off his football moves, and the video of this moment is priceless.

TikTok user @everyoneismyneighbor recently shared a video of his black cat, Walter, involved in a football game. In the video, this family is watching an NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Cardinals where an extra point field goal is being attempted. Walter, who is clearly a fan of the 49ers, tries to block the kick by the Cardinals! Check out the video to see Walter's valiant attempt to help his team.

OMG, this is too good. Walter swatted at the image of the football flying through the air and toward the goal posts on the television in an attempt to block the field goal. Excellent try, Walter!

People in the comments issued some flags on the play in the video. @beyoubestrongbekind said, "Illegal use of the paws," and @deerestx36 commented, "The cat was offsides, 5 yard penalty." While Walter is adorable, not even his good looks can get him off the hook!

Others thought this video was just perfect. @t_sous said, "That is so freaking adorable," and @basepaws commented, "We're going to pretend that the crowd cheering afterwards is for Walter and his impeccable precision." We need to get Walter a football tryout ASAP—the fans clearly love him!

We loved watching this video. It was awesome to see Walter so involved in the game! This kitty should be getting an official sponsorship from the 49ers for his blocking services.

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