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Video of Cat Bonding With New Dog After Beloved Fur Sibling's Passing Is So Moving

The passing of a beloved pet is one of the hardest things to endure, no matter who you are in the family. Even the fur siblings of a late animal can have a difficult time adjusting, to say the least. Sadly, that's what happened to Baloo the tabby cat after his best buddy, @henrythecoloradodog, passed away after a fight with cancer. 

The pup's TikTok account was originally dedicated to his and Baloo's adventures with their human parents, but now the profile honors Henry while sharing moments from Baloo and the family's new rescue dog, Pan. After Henry crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Baloo became depressed and lethargic. The pets' parents were grieving their fur baby, too, but the family felt moved to open their home and their hearts to Pan. 

This TikTok, which is capturing hearts left and right, shows the bond between Pan and Baloo only a few months after they met. To say that they're healing one another is an understatement if you ask us. 

Aren't these two just so heartwarming? If we'd seen this video in passing we never would have guessed that these two each have experienced such tragedy only recently. To us, it looks like they've been besties all their lives. 

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"Awe, they clearly love each other," commenter @lorihunter5475 agreed. "What a sweet sight!!!" Isn't it? Their cuddles are next-level adorable, but knowing about Henry's passing and Pan's rescue makes the scene that much more precious. These two really needed each other!

"I[t] still warms my heart that Baloo picked Pan," said "Y’all did a wonderful thing helping him through the grieving process. RIP Henry 💔." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. It must've been a difficult decision to adopt a friend for Baloo while still grieving Henry, but if this video shows anything, it's that this family made the right choice.

It's certainly "a little bitter sweet," as commenter @valerie.boelter put it, but the friendship between Baloo and Pan is something special. We think Henry would have loved Pan, too!

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