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Cat's 'Love Story' With His Favorite Cardboard Box Has People in Their Feelings

Without a doubt, your animal is always bound to get obsessed with the most random things around your house. And for cats, 9 times out of 10, they become fixated on empty boxes. Don’t ask us why, they just do! One cat was so in love with his favorite cardboard box that he tore it practically to shreds. But his reaction when his owner tried to get him to throw the box out has people online absolutely torn.

The video originally went viral last November, but has recently bubbled up again online. The footage shows Amy Kwiatkowski’s (@amykaayy) cat Calvin chilling in a cardboard box that has admittedly seen better days. “Calvin and his shredded box: a love story,” she wrote on the video’s text overlay. “Buddy, I think that we have to throw away your box,” Kwiatkowski can be heard saying off-screen. “I think we have to. I’m sorry,” she added. Poor Calvin did not take the news well, and his reaction actually sort of makes us feel sorry for him. (Sad face.)

Aww! Poor guy didn't want to let it go! Commenters were similarly concerned for Calvin and his work of art. “It's not broken, it's customized,” @joeymyb joked. “HE MADE THAT HOUSE A HOME,” @moon.fairy.princess exclaimed. “But look at all the work he put in,” @tyrjiora pointed out. “I don't see anything wrong with the box ? it looks brand new,” @josephmyforeverloved teased.

Perhaps it was the pressure of the internet, but in a second part of the video back in November, Kwiatkowski shared that she didn’t throw the box away. “Calvin still has his box,” she said. “We’re not throwing it away, until it just naturally falls apart.” 

And in this most recent update in May 2022, the TikTok creator shared that she kept her promise. Calvin got to keep his box until it was completely ripped up. Or as one commenter, @kalleid joked, “See! Petitions DO work sometimes!”