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Cat's Boyfriend 'Picks Her Up' Every Day Wearing a Tie and We Can't Take It

When we make plans with our significant other, we always hope they put effort into their appearance by having a nice outfit on. Small gestures like this make us feel important because they go through extra effort to impress us. One lucky kitty has been getting this special treatment recently at it's too good to miss out on.

TikTok user @theadventuresofmuffin recently posted a video of his cat, Muffin, greeting her boyfriend, who is a handsome black and white cat wearing a tie! Muffin's dad says in the video that Muffin's new boo picks her up for a date every day dressed to the nines in his tie. This is just too good. Check out the video to see all the cuteness in action!

OMG, Muffin has got herself such a handsome fella! We love how these two cats flirtatiously flicked their tails at each other toward the end of the video, though Muffin seems to be playing hard to get by ultimately walking away without him. It's such an amazing interaction to watch!

People in the comments were very impressed with Muffins new boyfriend. @agirlinglasgow said, "Oh look at that distinguished gentleman…" and @trayc1179 commented, "He’s a very fancy gentleman, I suggest you encourage this relationship." We hope Muffin's dad makes this romantic happen! We would get so many cute videos of the two kitties.

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Others discussed how Muffin might be playing hard to get. @loboz93 commented, 'She's like "So you're wearing a tie? That don't impress me much,"' and @topcomments420 said, "He’s making an effort but she’s playing hard to get." We love that Muffin knows her worth, but we think her boyfriend's tie is very impressive and she should give him a chance!

Since their date in the video above, Muffin and her boyfriend have met up several more times, and he has even come into the house and met her dad! Things seem to be going well for these two love birds.

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