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Cat's Reaction to Getting Caught Breaking Into Her Food Bin Is Too Funny

We've seen countless videos of cats tapping their food bowls against the floor in an effort to tell their owners it's time to eat. But apparently one hungry cat decided to take matters into her own hands in terms of getting a second helping of dinner. The cat is named "Sassy," and she certainly lives up to her name! Her owner, @brittgardner83, shared a video of her yesterday on TikTok that already has over 1.7 million views. 

In the clip, you'll see him come around the corner only to find Sassy halfway inside the plastic tub that holds all of her food. While we can't be sure how she managed to get the lid off, she certainly was enjoying her snack until dad arrived to break up the party.

Haha! Her reaction was just too funny! The minute she heard her name being called, she was like, "Ohhh no. Abort! Abort!" Plenty of people are cracking up over Sassy's sassiness, and they couldn't resist leaving comments on the video. One TikTok user, @Krystal said, "Sassy knew… at that moment… that Sassy was in the wrong 😂." And @Peter Vasquez added, "Tell me you got caught without TELLING ME you got caught." LOL. 

Some people were concerned that maybe this hungry kitty wasn't being fed adequately, and that's why she felt the need to go after the food. But her owner reassured everyone in the comments, saying, "This cat eats better than anybody else’s cat ever. She licked that green bowl clean just before she decided to climb in the bin." 

Other commenters joked that they could relate to just how bad Sassy wanted more food. @Honey noted, "Me when I’m caught in the fridge ten minutes after supper! 😳." 

Sassy's dad might want to think about moving that food bin to a location where she can't reach it. This probably isn't the last time she'll try and get in there, and it could be dangerous if she wound up getting trapped in there while he isn't at home. And if he doesn't move the bin? Maybe one of those locking lid ones would better outsmart this sassy little gal!