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Cat Drops Off Kittens With the Dog to Get a Break and Moms Can Totally Relate

We're sure every mom has pulled off something similar to what TikTok user @ljayne7's cat did. And if you have, don't be embarrassed, we understand! Being a mom is challenging work. You're on the clock 24/7 with no rest. So when you're at your wit's end and have the opportunity to drop off your babies with someone you trust, you capitalize on that, right?

That's exactly what happened with one mama cat. Something must have happened where she wanted to call it quits for a little bit. She starts bringing over her kittens one by one to the family dog named Toby who is laying on his dog bed. He's just there to help, but the look on his face tells us he never actually signed up for this. LOL! 

Aww! Toby was really giving mom a well-deserved break, even though his face was screaming that he didn't want to look after the kittens. LOL, especially since they took up his whole bed! We'd be mad about that too, Toby!  

"I love seeing dads step up and co-parent," commented @JustWatchingNotToking. The creator responded by saying, "Agreed! Except Toby is more like the unqualified uncle who is just trying his best to help 😅." HA! 

Can we talk about the level of trust this cat has to leave her babies with Toby? They must have an incredible relationship. @Gianni Ana said, "He’s doing a fantastic job. Mama cat trusts him with her precious babies." What a good, good boy! "Best blended fam!" said @Double_K_creations_. We're here for it! And as the creator said, "We love families of all shapes and sizes! " We can't wait to see Toby get more comfortable in his fun uncle role!