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Woman's Innocent Video of Cat Going Through the Kitty Door Goes Terribly Wrong

Ever wonder why your cat is still on the hunt even if when they're well fed at home? Well, it turns out that hunting is part of a cat's ancestry. The trait has been passed down from cats in the wild to domesticated cats, and it's not going anywhere. This is a pretty fun fact, until your cat tries to bring you home a fresh catch! 

TikTok user @jaceybrooketemple posted a clip that's quickly going viral. She thought she was taking a cute video of her cat coming in through the cat door, but, well, let's just say it escalated quickly! The video was posted within the last day and has already racked up 13.1 million views and 2.4 million likes. We screamed louder than she did when her cat dropped a little present! 

We're dying to know if she was able to get this little critter out of the house! But also, how was she not more scared than that?! People are quick in the comments saying the cat was only bringing her food. HA! "✨✨SURPRISE SHAWTYYYY✨✨✨," wrote @Holly🦋, and @Mariana Tavernor added, "Your Door Dash order is ready."

We have to agree with what @Hannah Goodyear said. She noted, "I would be ✨ traumatized✨." The creator responded saying, "There was tension for a WHILE, let me tell you." That's something we would never be able to get past. And talk about NIGHTMARES! 

TikTok user @la la said, "My vet used to tell us for our cat, that he only brought us animals cause he thought we sucked at hunting & were starving. Lol he's just trying to help 😂." That's probably what this cat was thinking, too! Aww. What a sweet, thoughtful little kitty.