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Video of Inseparable Cat BFFs at Vancouver Cat Cafe Is Melting Hearts

Everyone has a BFF that you can't stand to be apart from. That can be a friend you've known since Kindergarten, someone you recently connected with or even a sibling. No matter who it is, people know that's your person. you two are inseparable, a package deal. That's just the way it is! This is especially true when it comes to two pets who are BFFs. Their bond is even more visible than a human's which is why you can't tear them apart. And luckily, a cat cafe in Vancouver, Canada is honoring that! 

This cafe, known on TikTok as @catfe_vancouver, is keeping two beautiful cat besties together. In the clip that has brought in over 4.3 million views, you can see how these two orange cats are attached at the paw. No seriously! They're even cuddling together in a tiny window bed. Your heart will instantly melt at the sight of these two besties. And then it will explode once we tell you the good news about them!

Aww! Look at these two little love bugs. They're such best friends that they don't even mind sharing the little bed together. In fact, it looks like they prefer snuggling together. "THE HUG!!! They are so sweet," wrote @shaanbanan. The absolute sweetest! The hug really sent us over the edge and made us fall even more in love with these two. 

One thing is for certain, we're doing exactly what @Aileenchristineee said, "I am coming here immediately." A trip to Vancouver and cats, seriously, count us in! @sammielee added, "My cat wants to know if he can have a sleepover." Heck, forget about our cats. We want to know if we can have a sleepover with this cutie pair! LOL!

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"These two need to stay with each other. They are absolutely bonded. 😻," commented @VirgoMoonGoddess77. That's just the way it goes! Don't worry, the cafe is following those rules. LOL! The creator said they are getting adopted together next week. Aww!! We love a happy ending and the fact that this dynamic duo gets to stay together. Snuggles forever! 

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