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Cat Has Cutest Way of Letting Mom Know Cardboard Box Is 'His'

Worley 'Birdie' the tabby cat is known on TikTok for his mischievous antics and adorable chirps, but his new obsession has his followers in a frenzy: cardboard boxes. His mama, Jenn, recently posted the cutest video on her account @seeminglyabsurd, and no one can get enough of Birdie and his box. They're the duo we never knew we needed!

When his mom caught him playing in his new box, he had the most adorable reaction. He'd decided it was his, and he wasn't afraid to let her hear it!

What cute little chirps! Birdie won us over and convinced us to let him keep the box within a matter of seconds--no wonder his mom gave in, too! He did look like he was having the time of his life, though.

“'Everything is for you,' As it should be!!!," wrote @bebequestion. You've got that right! We'd do nearly anything for our fur babies to be happy, so we know exactly where Jenn is coming from. Still, Birdie was "making his point loud and clear.," like @catcornerstories said, and he won us over with his sweet talking. 

We totally agree with @beautyus10, who wrote, "awww birdie the sweetest meows on TikTok." We aren't surprised he's so popular! We've never seen a feline who's so talkative before, and it's the cutest thing we ever did see. Birdie could get away with anything with his sweet self! 

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