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Cat Carries Beanie Baby Around Like It's Her Baby and We Can't Take It

Gosh, remember when Beanie Babies were all the rage and people thought they could collect them and make a million dollars off them and retire early? 

Well, this adorable cat posted by TikTok user @AuntKate couldn't care less about how much this Beanie Baby would fetch on E-bay. This is HER baby. Resale value be damned! Just look at this incredibly sweet cat haul her little baby around!

Oh she's too precious! @Heydi says, "We’re going to need a nightly update to see who she brought to bed." @LaceyK hilariously comments, "Yes mother... she IS MY BABY. You would think you'd recognize your own GRANDCHILD.." LOL @Jess is a bit worried about resale value, and asks, "Isn’t the princess Diana Beanie baby worth a lot?" 

LOL, not to worry, we think it's the bear from a first edition and this one is obviously worth more to adorable Peanut as her baby. She couldn't stand to sell it. Even though if she did she may be able to buy even more Beanie Babies to add to her collection.  Too cute. 

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