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Cat Helps Terrified Mom Catch a Spider That's Loose in the House

We can think of so many good reasons to have a pet that we could fill an entire novel with them. They're a built-in best friend, they're fantastic listeners, and some of them will even catch bugs in the house so you don't have to! Aggie the gorgeous white kitty is one of these arachnid hunters, and we positively adore her for it.

Aggie's mom showed off her fur baby's enthusiasm for spiders with an adorable TikTok clip on her account, @maryhhowardd. Judging by the 3 million views the video has already amassed, we think lots of folks would want a friend like Aggie around!

What a good girl! We love that she knew exactly what her mama was calling her for--clearly, this isn't a one-time thing! Just like @badnerd8 said with the most-liked comment of the video, "Aggie is a professional." She carries herself like one, too! This girl is a badass, and she knows it.

"Can I hire Aggie for when I see a spider in my room?" asked @eliannegrant. LMAO! That's honestly a fantastic idea, and Aggie could charge as much as she wants. As far as we know, she's the only one in the feline spider-hunting business! And if her mom's confidence is anything to go by, she's pretty dang skilled at it, too. 

"Spiders apparently can't see white," explained @zackcutter. "If that's true then Aggie is a born arachnid slayer." Who knew! We're sure this cat's stealthy approach helps, too--especially when her fur siblings are already covering for her. With that feline team around, Mary is practically impervious to insects. She's so lucky!

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