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Video of Cat Capturing a Squirrel Has Us Absolutely Laughing Out Loud

One man must've been in for the surprise of a lifetime when he walked outside one day and saw that his cat had a surprise in its mouth. It was a squirrel — eek! We have no idea how Clough managed to catch it, but watching his dad try to get him to drop the animal has us laughing.

TikTok creator Alex Brown (@alexcloughbrown) seemed so shocked when he stepped outside that day. But to be fair, who wouldn't be a little flustered by what he saw?

"Cloughy, show me what you got!" he demanded in the footage. "Let him go, Clough, let him go!" he added. The cat dad had to chase Clough around the backyard for a bit before finally the cat let the squirrel free. "On Gino's 1st birthday.. Look what your big brother Clough gets you for your present.. now that's a proper cat!" he joked in the caption. 

The clip has since attracted over 731,000 views and people online were impressed. "The fact that cat could catch a damn squirrel is amazing," @jet_five wrote in the comments section. "Wow give him a treat for actually being able to catch a squirrel my cats been trying to catch the same one for about a year now," @skyexmonique praised. Although one person was grateful that Clough let the squirrel go. "Thank you for making sure the cat let go off the squirrel safely," @it5helin added.

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We guess you could say this was not the best birthday gift. Try again, Clough!

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