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Viral Video of Cat Chewing on Owner's Ear Is Downright Hilarious

People never really see all the hard work that goes into raising an animal. They see the cute photos on Instagram or the adorable videos shared on Facebook — but rarely do they see the ugly side of pet training. Take a look at a video shared on @chickenstrips98's TikTok page. It shows the cat owner with her brand new kitten — and nope, this is definitely not picture perfect. 

No matter how much the TikToker might love her new Ragdoll Leo, we can all admit that kittens make life very...interesting. The video shows the woman laying in bed with a very unwelcomed visitor. "Get a kitten they said, it would be fun they said," she wrote in the video's text overlay. 

We guess Leo really likes ears! The video has since been watched over 20 million times and it's clear that people could totally relate. 

"My cat does this but rips out my earring to get it out of the way. She goes straight for the ear lobe," @ccorio81 wrote. "I wish my cat did this instead of grabbing at my eyelashes every time I blink," @notoriginal4this joked. "My cat does this into my armpit. When they get separated from mama too young, they do this as a comforting mechanism," @self.care_kitten explained. "My cat did this and I got a massive hickey ahaha," @lucymorris80 shared.

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Sure, it's probably not the TikToker's favorite part of having a kitten, but Leo is just so cute we're sure she doesn't mind it too much. In fact, a follow up video shows Leo in all his adorable glory. "He only has a few brain cells," his mama joked in the caption.

That's okay, Leo. Mama is there to take care of you.

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