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Cat Boldly Steals Chicken Straight Out of the Air Fryer and People Are Loving It

Cats are cunning little animals, and they often sneak around the house unseen to get what they want. One cat was doing this successfully, until one day he was caught by his parents committing a theft.

TikTok user @lilmilmil recently posted a video exposing their orange cat, Mr. P, for his mischief. The text on the video reads "Figured out where our chicken has been disappearing to," and the video shows Mr. P taking a little chicken snack out of the air fryer for himself! Check out the video to see how he pulls off this heist.

Wow, disappearing chicken aside, this kitty is so smart to be able to open the air fryer all by himself! He probably watched his parents do it and was able to mimic the motion, except without the human advantage of thumbs.

People in the comments are claiming this chicken belongs to Mr. P now! @misskittykat2121 said, "It's not your chicken, it's the fluffy ginger's chicken now!" and @sleepyinfl commented, "I think you're confused, the chicken obviously belongs to this precious fur baby!" Mr. P obviously has dibs on this chicken now. Finders keepers, right?

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Others cracked jokes about this kitty's extensive air fryer knowledge. @crazykittylady1074 commented, "This cat knows more than I do about air fryers," and @funwmatches said, "Your cat can use an air fryer but my husband can't figure it out..." Mr. P know what he wants and he'll sure as heck figure out how to get it!

From now on, air fryers will have to come with a cat proof lock to keep hungry thieves like Mr. P out of the chicken!

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