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Cat's Bold Refusal to Give Up a Chicken Leg Is the Picture of Dedication

If you're anything like us, you don't ever want to share food when it just tastes so delicious. You'll eat every last bite of it. And if anyone dares come near your food with their fork, all heck breaks lose. 

Guess you could compare us to an animal in that sense. LOL! That's why we relate so much to this clip from TikTok user @nicoleninaclifton. In the video, which has over 1.4 million views, a cat latched onto a chicken leg. He got one tasty bite and absolutely refused to give it up after that. Check it out!  

LMAO! This is absolutely amazing! The cat was playing finder's keepers and was very upset when they tried taking the chicken from him. We totally understand. We'd be the same way! @malayah87 commented, "I can't even blame the cat. That chicken looks good." Retweet! Also, we have to mention how strong the cat looks. How could he hold on like that?!

TikTok user @watch4zombies wrote what this cat was thinking, "I hunted this and I'm keeping it." LOL! We bet the cat could have held on for the rest of the day. He hasn't tasted something that good in forever. "He is tired of eating dry food," added @markbrontosaurus. We would be too! 

"The cat's like, 'I didn't know love like this existed,'" said @MidEvlDed. And now that the cat does know that kind of deliciousness exists, he'll be hunting for scraps every single day. No chicken, or any food, is safe! LOL!

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