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Video Showing Cat's Sweet Friendship With a Chihuahua Gives Us All the Feels

Some friendships take you by surprise. Whether that's because you and the other person didn't get along at first, or simply because you're just so different. That's probably why people are so smitten over the relationship between a Chihuahua named Draco and a cat named Rollo. The two are definitely a bit unexpected as far as pairings go. But as a video on TikTok shows, they're more connected than ever.

Rollo and Draco are only two out of their four fur-siblings, but their extra-special bond is something worth taking a look at. As the video on @the4pawblings shows, it wasn't always clear that they were going to be BFFs. The video starts with footage from two years ago when little Draco was only a puppy. And yep, he's definitely pulling on Rollo's tail. Cut to the present and now their relationship is so very different.

Now they're so close that they even snuggle! Over 8.8 million who've watched the footage were also in love with their special bond. "The puppy was SO teeny," @lydiaipark wrote in the comments section. "That's the most patient orange cat I’ve ever seen," @lafalcon_27 joked. "Pup has a protector. That cat looks like an alpha," @mr.ed29 reasoned. While @abireger put it this way: "This is such a unique and special thing that worked out. It’s really beautiful."

Draco has won over people on the internet before. In a previous video on @the4pawblings page, over 18,000 people tuned in to watch his hilariously lackluster reaction to his birthday party. 

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We guess he's just one funny pup!

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