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Precious Cat 'Christmas Leggings' Are Putting Us in a Holiday Mood

Christmas decorations have been crowding stores for weeks now, even before Halloween ended. We don't mind. We love Christmas! The only thing we mind is not seeing this specific Christmas-related item earlier. 

TikTok user @toothlessbabyboy found Christmas leggings. That in itself is already amazing. Who doesn't want to rock comfy, warm Christmas leggings? But this time, the leggings aren't for us. The item is actually for our cats. And trust us, you'll be put in a holiday mood instantly when you see these leggings!

O.M.G. We need this for our fur babies immediately! First of all, we didn't even know cat leggings existed let alone Christmas ones. This might be our favorite Christmas-themed item ever. Just think of all the possibilities we have with matching our cats now! 

"Slay ready or sleigh ready," said @serenitybyjan44. HA! For real though, this Black Cat was ready for both. Ready to slay the fashion scene and clearly ready to be on Santa's sleigh. "Omg I need these!" wrote @8kittycatsgruff. We all need this! But we're wondering, is this more for us instead of our cats? Absolutely! Do we care? Not at all because they're so cute! LOL! 

Fair warning, though. We're predicting not all cats will get into this outfit so easily. You know how they can be! @jessicap707 commented, "We would fight and I'd end up wearing the leggings." HA! Why can we picture that in a heartbeat? We wouldn't put that past cats!


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