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Video of Cat Comforting Golden Retriever Puppy Is Full of So Much Love

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it looks like puppies are no exception. Honestly, though, it makes sense--one baby is difficult enough to look after, let alone an entire litter! A lot of new canine moms have an owner to help them out, but @hannahcolson's dog, Olive, had another babysitter to assist, too: Fig the Siamese cat

Hannah caught the handoff between caregivers on the cutest TikTok video, and, needless to say, we're obsessed. So are the 5.2 million people who have seen this sweet clip--ready to add yourself to the list? 

We just can't decide who's cutest in this video! That lil' tiny puppy is positively precious, but the personality on Mom is hard to beat. It's just so relatable! 

"Olive's like... cheers, you're babysitting 👍," @seannybeag commented. Pretty much! She's a smart girl to take advantage of the help she's been offered, that's for sure. 

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"'Oh, you're taking care of him?" joked @sebinitu4. "I'm...gonna get some... Milk.'" LOL! As clever as that is, we find it hard to believe that Olive would be gone for long. She really had to think before deciding to let Fig babysit. But in the end, she knew--Mama needs a break! 

And then, of course, there's Fig. This helpful boy has just as many fans as the Goldens, and we think it's because of his kind, though energetic, gesture. @Cardamonfives commented, "that comforting looks a bit aggressive haha," and while we do kind of agree, we also loved what @tinyplopp replied: "That’s cats for you." LMAO--yep! 

Still, Fig's attention did calm the puppy, so we agree with Mom's approval. He's being the best feline step-dad he can be! Commenter @empathimbo worded it even better than we could. He calls Fig, "not the stepdad. But the dad that stepped up," and we agree with our whole hearts and entire being. He's the best!

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