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Cat Causing Commotion in Kitchen Is the Funniest Thing We've Seen All Week

We will quite possibly never understand what goes on in a cat's mind. They're always doing their own thing, running the dang house. At least we get some good laughs from their strong personalities.  

TikTok creator known as @titi.and.walnut decided to set up the camera in the kitchen because one cat was making a ton of commotion. They had no idea what was going on. Maybe the video would give them a look into the inner workings of a cat's mind, but well, we're still stumped. Ha! Check it out! 

LMAO! What on earth is going on? The orange cat was just flipping all over the place. There must've been something there, right? Or is this behavior just explained by @reneeashcroft's comment which reads, "Just doing orange cat things…." HA! If anyone is interested in getting a cat let this be a warning about the personality of orange cats. At least they're so dang adorable that it's worth the quirkiness! 

"Bro starting doing parkour," wrote @__kazoo. For real though! Where did the cat learn to do all those flips?! @Vogon_Slam_Poet commented what the cat was thinking, "MOM COME WATCH THESE SICK FLIPS." Ha! Sounds just like a little kid showing off at the playground. 

But really, what caused the cat to do all these flips? @amandataylor asked, "Phantom spider or mouse maybe???" We didn't see ANYTHING in the clip. The creator responded by saying, "I’m thinking small bug or knowing this cat it’s quite possibly his shadow." HA! That sounds like the most likely reason to us! 


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