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Viral Video of Cat Crying While Mom Chops Onions Is Cracking People Up

Let's face it, we've all cried while cutting onions. And no matter how many times you've done it, it some how doesn't get any easier. A new viral TikTok video from @jakeyy_boy shows us that we aren't the only ones who suffer from a good onion cry. The clip has already reached 10.5 million views and over 2 million likes because well, it's just that relatable. 

This cat wanted to join in on the action as this TikTok user was preparing to cook. The cat is on the counter next to someone chopping onions. He stares down at the onion like he is intrigued, but quickly feels the effects. You aren't the only one, little guy! Check out his hilarious face and how he looks up as if it say, "You do this for fun?" 

HA! We feel you! But honestly, why does the cat stay there!? He clearly can move. He's not the one cutting the onions! "Precious angel just wants to be involved at all cost," said @Raven M. Trust us, you don't want to be involved in this activity. @Milan Tasic wrote what that cat is probably thinking, "l promised myself l wouldn't cry."

Other TikTok users are freaking out that the cat is even on the counter. "I hear my mom scream, “Get that cat off the counter” 😁," said @Billy Brooks. But with cats, you don't really have a choice. They rule over us 😂. 

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What has us cracking up the most is a comment from @Julia Tsyvin. She said, "It’s Shaina from Love is Blind 😂." OMG! This really is the cat version of Shaina's famous eye squints. 

@Jess🌸 left a comment to reminded us all, "Super cute, but onions are highly toxic to kitties, so make sure she doesn’t eat them 😂." Thank you for the great tip! (P.S. If anyone has ideas on how not to cry while chopping onions, please let us know!)

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