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Video of Cat Crying in Florida Shelter After Her Owner Passed Away Serves As an Important Reminder

We have seen time and time again how animals can miss their humans if they are separated from them. Sometimes, sadly, these separations can be permanent if the owner passes away. Even more heartbreaking is when an owner passes away suddenly and didn't make arrangements for their pet, and they have no friends or family willing to take them in. 

Such is the case with gorgeous Sunny in this video posted by @Aharrisphoto. You can tell by the way she cries how much she misses her owner. How heartbreaking is this video? 

No one likes to think about their death, but there are steps you should take in case the worst should happen.Every pet guardian needs a basic plan to pass caretaking responsibilities and ownership of their pet to a person or organization they trust.

The comments on this video are so sad with @Immalou21 saying "Boosting. This is my nightmare, that I pass before my three cats do." @LauraDeGaeteno posts "It just breaks my heart because she doesn’t understand what happened. What a precious baby kitty." @Katfostermom even goes so far to say "My husband and I don’t travel together anymore because we know our 12 rescues wouldn’t have a chance." 

The good news about Sunny's situation is @Aharrisphoto posted "UPDATE she just got an application this is the power of this medium! I’ll update when she leaves." Here's hoping this beautiful baby has found a forever home! 

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