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Cat's Precious Way of Interacting With Tiny Baby Is As Sweet As It Gets

When people have children, they can be nervous about the potential for negative interactions with pets when they are still very young. Parents will begin with closely supervised interactions while the baby is held by a parent to keep control of the situation. One set of new parents did this with their baby boy and cat, and what happened is too cute.

TikTok user @misfitpets recently shared a video of her husband holding their newborn baby while standing next to their cross-eyed tabby cat, Dizzy, who is perched on top of a cat tower. This kitty then did something that is both adorable and a little bit funny to engage with the baby while Dad was holding him. Watch the video to see how Dizzy says hello to her little brother in this video guaranteed to melt hearts!

OMG, Dizzy is just the sweetest! She rubbed her head on the baby's feet, the only part of the baby she could reach, as a way to say hello. This is such a sweet moment between siblings!

People in the comments shared another reason why they think Dizzy was rubbing her head on the baby's feet. @pixialflash said, "Cats have scent glands on their heads and humans have scent glands on their feet! She's trading scents with him to make him smell 'right.'" Another user, @goosebaygirl, commented a similar thought: "Rubbing her scent on the baby. She's letting everyone know that's her baby." Dizzy loves her baby brother, but for some reason he doesn't smell like a kitten, so she's solving the problem herself!

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Others agreed that this was Dizzy's way to saying she accepts the baby as a member of the family. @arieslikesbones commented, "That baby was literally just accepted into the family. Cat had to approve first," and @ashhhhaa said, "The bebé is a part of the cat colony now." Dizzy said no one is taking my baby brother away from me, ever!

The video was already adorable to begin with, but after learning that cats rub their scent on new members of the family to welcome them, we can't help but think this is such a sweet gesture from Dizzy. These two will be best friends for a long time!

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