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Video of Cat's Sweet Curiosity Over Baby Is Going Viral

Cats are hard pets to win over. They are usually skeptical of new family members or friends that come over. At least that's what it was like with our cat experiences. But luckily, that's not always the case.  

TikTok user @racheltort captured the sweetest moment between her cat and the baby. The cat didn't care there was a new member of the family. In fact, he was curious! The video is so touching, which explains why there are over 12.6 million views! Watch what this cat does while the baby is sleeping on the bed. 

O.M.G. We're in love with these two! We hear all the time that cats aren't good with children, but this clip begs to differ. @rvanative said, "Heard my whole life that cats would smother babies but everything I've seen is them being gentle with them." YES! 

"Aww he is worried about the baby," wrote @__valerie_b. He was totally just making sure the baby wasn't too close to the edge! Does it get any sweeter than that?! @sallyrene added, "Cat's like, 'Well it makes a lot of noise so is it alive? Just checking.'" LOL! The cat was curious as to why someone turned on the baby's mute button. 

Or maybe the reason this cat is checking on the baby is what @piscesbabyyyyyyyyy wrote. The comment reads, “Just seeing who’s trying to replace me.” HA! Now that sounds more like a cat to us! But we don't think that's true. We have a feeling this cat was curious about who his new best friend is!


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