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Cat Dad's Struggle to Go to the Bathroom in Peace Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Being a pet parent means giving up a lot of your privacy, or--in some cases--all of it. This cat dad is learning this firsthand as his new kitten interrupts his bathroom break, and the results are positively hilarious. The relatability only adds to this TikTok's humor!

@Kaiphrog and his kitten might still be figuring out the bathroom's open-door policy, but at least it's made them TikTok famous in the meantime. It sounds like a worthy trade if you ask us!

LMAO! We're not sure whether the kitten or his dad is funnier, but the narration has us in stitches. And then the adorable cat? This is pure Internet gold right here. No wonder commenters are going wild!

"He’s just keeping the spot warm for you," said @mythik6i. How considerate! @Kaiphrog did admit that his "shorts were toasty when [he] put them back on," which we think is just hilarious. Weird, perhaps, but also cute! Then again, 'weird and cute' is pretty much the definition of pet parenthood, so everything is pretty much going to plan for this cat dad.

At least this kitten isn't like @michaelfarquadis's feline! "My cat climbs onto my shoulder like a parrot," he explained, "and he has no balance so my shoulder gets torn apart." Ouch! We'd rather sacrifice a pair of underwear than our shoulder, but is there truly anything a loving pet parent wouldn't do? @Kaiphrog might be acting mad--or at least mildly annoyed--but we know that kitten has him wrapped around that tiny paw. 

"He wanted to give you company," guessed @kimkat528. Must be! Cats are used to doing their business in the open (or wherever their litterbox may be), so it makes sense if they'd feel like watching you is NBD.

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