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Cat Dad's 'Rap' is the Viral Anthem Every Feline Owner Needs

Cat dads--this one is for you! Legendary Internet cat rapper @iammoshow is back yet again with another viral feline rap, and this one is a can't-miss. His chill feline partner DJ Ravioli is even in on the action!

As a cat dad of 5 and a longtime viral rapper, Moshow is the literal definition of TikTok gold. We're not sure if you're even ready for this rap!

Obsessed yet? We know we are! Moshow's energy and DJ Ravioli's chill are the perfect combination for an adorable video. In fact, commenters can't get over just how relaxed the cat looks.

"That cat clearly loves you," wrote @abbyallenrosenthal. It's so true! DJ Ravioli couldn't care less about the hat he's wearing or the way his dad is bouncing around. If you ask us, it even looks like he could take a nap right there in front of the camera! @Candicelopex126 agreed, "that’s the cutest most chill cat ever!" What can we say? He knows how cool he is! 

Other viewers, like @real_ralph, saw something else in DJ Ravioli that we will never unsee. He said, "naaaa it looks like snoop dog in a cat😅." Wait a minute--he totally does! No wonder he fits into that rap life so perfectly. @Jackalbritton joked, "I think DJ Ravioli hit that catnip as soon as he woke up. 😂😂🥰," and we're still LOL-ing over here. Well, now it makes sense why he's so relaxed! 

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