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Cat 'Demands' for Her Humans to Put on Her Favorite Show

Spoiled pets are the best pets--we totally get it. We'd do nearly anything to make our fur babies happy and comfy, so when we saw this hilarious clip from @homewithmel, we couldn't get enough. Her gorgeous tuxedo cat demanded she turn the TV on, and she just had to agree!

As great as it was to see Mel indulge her kitty in her favorite show, the cat's reaction had us LOL-ing. She knows she has her mom wrapped around her paw!

We simply adore this pampered princess--don't you? She knows exactly how to ask her mama for Cat TV, and she won't take no for an answer. There's no getting comfy until she gets what she wants! Luckily, her mission went exactly as planned, and she could rest like the diva she is.

"This is literally the 2nd tik Tok I've seen with spoiled pets watching TV with a heating pad,"  noted commenter @wellawellastella. "Lmao, love it. Well, who doesn't love a cozy cat? The peaceful vibes are practically contagious! And the heating pad? That's some top-tier warmth right there. 

"My cat is also obsessed with the heating pad and has one in every room," @reganbeliew added. As it should be! Mel's sweet kitty looks content with her spot by the TV, though we're sure she wouldn't resist getting another. After all, the holidays are coming up!

In the meantime, we're all still drooling over this precious girl's setup. She's ready to watch TV like the queen she is!

@Entheogenbooks wrote, "my cat is obsessed with one video of mice eating nuts and peanut butter in a field. She's been watching it daily for a year now. Only one she wants. LOL! Mel may want to limit her fur baby's screen time, or this will be her future! 

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