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Cat's Unexpected Reaction to Brand New 'House' Mom Just Gave Him Is Priceless

Oh, the things we do for our pets! They are our fur babies, after all, and we'd do anything we could to keep them healthy and happy. That includes buying them fun, new things...and then watching them destroy them. 

Sound relatable--you're totally not alone! Feline TikTok star @maventhegreat just gave his new cardboard house a remodel, and his mom got it all on film. 

How rude! Maven was just gifted a beautiful new home, and he has the nerve to do a total remodel on the very first day! At least his mama was a good sport about it all. 

"I too have a box muncher. 😹," shared @my_cat_snorez. LMAO! You get the struggle, then. Those little demons are why you can't have nice things! They are quite cute, though...

To Maven, these new home renovations probably make perfect sense. Like commenter @_karrrennn.xo said, "[He's] just doing some maintenance doesn’t like that wall there lol." We guess so!

Viewer @blackblackyboy's idea is a bit more festive at least, so we'll keep telling ourselves "He's just making confetti for the holiday! 😂." He is a black cat, after all, and Halloween's gotta be festive! Who are we to judge his decorating choices?

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