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Cats' Clever Napping Spot Puts Them on Display Like They're in a Museum

It's no secret that cats love getting into the most unusual spots - boxes, cabinets, on top of the fridge. You name it, you'll find them there. Nothing is safe from a cat's touch in the house. It's so funny because owners probably spend so much money on purchasing beds and cat towers when an Amazon box would suffice. It's the little things. LOL! 

And the one who knows that very well is TikTok user @mildwestsami. She recently acquired a fish tank from her inlaws. The original plan was to make it a terrarium but after it wasn't successful, the cats moved in. No really, it's their own little sanctuary now. LOL! She filmed what the cats look like in the glass case and within days the clip brought in over 1.7 million views. Does anyone else think this case makes them look like they're ion display in a museum? 

O.M.G. We love that she was so innovative and turned the glass case into a cat bed for them. And it clearly didn't take long for them to move in. Plus, by the looks of it, they sleep very well in there. LOL! 

TikTok users are saying how the glass case resembles one at a museum. It looks like you're looking at a moment frozen in time. Ha! "So need a "NO TAPPING ON GLASS PLEASE" sign 😂," commented @HarperAinsley12. A thousand times yes! She totally needs this. We even agree with what @lemon3.14159 said, "You should totally make museum display name tags 😂." That way guests will know what they're looking at! LOL! 

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@lindseydavidson18 wrote, "Hahaha!! I bet your cat looooves this! 😏." Seriously, any cat would love this! The creator responded by saying, "I have four cats and they all frequent the cat display case!" A rotating display. Now, that's worth the ticket price of a museum! LOL! 

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