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Cat and Dog Share a Tender Embrace in Video That’s Melting Hearts

Best friends sometimes come in the most unlikely pairings. You know the old expression "opposites attract," right? Well, a Golden Retriever and a cat are proof that the adage is real. And we're so thankful that they decided to show off their budding friendship online.

These two are always spending time together. But when you see how connected they are it completely makes sense! The Golden and his cat BFF are always palling around, including in a viral video where their love for each other shined through. The footage shows the kitty giving her favorite pup a big ol' hug. "Harmony and harmony together," the animals' owner @cutepetsassion wrote in the video's caption. These two are practically attached at the hip! Take a look for yourself. 

The video has since received over 370,000 views and we can see why. These two are so adorable together. "Beautiful little friends," @lyndi29 mused. "So sweet both of them," @darcor1994 raved. "They love each other," @a.lin1921 added. "They are both cute, but the cutest when they are together," @lillybaraz13 agreed. 

This isn't the only time that the two have gotten attention for their friendship. Another video on the TikTok page shows the pup pulling the cat in a little wagon. "Kitty's own driver," the video's caption reads. Unfortunately, things go a little haywire towards the end of the video, but we don't think it resulted in any lasting damage to their friendship.

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Yep, we think these two are definitely going to be friends for life!

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